Titan Environmental Containment expands into Ontario

In 2006 when Brett Burkard and Kelly Sitarz got tired of asking, begging and pushing two different employers to expand to take […]
Titan’s Concrete Canvas used to line channels lowers project costs and is more environmentally friendly than conventional concrete.

In 2006 when Brett Burkard and Kelly Sitarz got tired of asking, begging and pushing two different employers to expand to take on larger markets, they quit their jobs and took the risk to build a company so strong that during a pandemic in 2021 they expanded. They now have a 2,600 sq. metre distribution centre in Ontario’s greater Toronto area to support their customers around the world.

Titan Environmental Containment supplies, fabricates and installs high quality geosynthetics and specialty civil engineering construction products that help manage the environment and prolong the life of critical infrastructure. Everything that they offer is designed to protect soil, water and air, with the goal of helping to reduce carbon footprint and costs on construction projects.

“For example, if a road needs a thickness of one yard of gravel to be stable, we can come along and add our geogrid product as a layer to reinforce the road base so that you only need one foot of gravel. That reduces the carbon footprint needed to source the gravel by 66%, and lowers the cost of building the road,” says Kelly Sitarz, president and partner.

In the first few years all of Titan’s clients were in the agricultural sector with large operations. Titan’s geosynthetic products were used to line earthen manure storage ponds to ensure there was no leakage into the ground.

Fast forward 15 years and although Titan has maintained all of its original agricultural clientele, they account for less than 5% of the company’s current client base. It now services projects in civil infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, hydro-electricity, recreation, and water and waste management. The company has gone from primarily servicing Manitoba to doing business across Canada, into the United States and even overseas from Africa, to Barbados, Chile, Iraq, Ireland and Mexico to name a few.

When a nickel mine in Lynn Lake, Manitoba needed to cover its open mine to protect it from rain filing it up and leaching into the ground water, it looked to Titan which worked for two years to install 836,128 sq. metres of its product to cap the mine.

“Once we built drinking water tanks for the U.S. military on their army bases in Iraq, we realized if we can work for the U.S. military in Iraq we can work anywhere,” says Brett Burkard, Titan’s CEO and partner.

Learn more at www.TitanEnviro.com.


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